New York Food Tour

All throughout America, each state have its own food specialty. It is good to have a food tour when traveling into the different states including New York. There are too many restaurants in the city where you can eat delicious foods like pizza and other specialties. For pizza lovers, you can go to Di Fara, Franny’s, and Marta that offers delicious and incredible pizza. Choose your own favorite pizza flavor and eat it with your family or friends. Bagels are also very popular in the city.

Absolute Bagels is one of the best bakeshops in New York City where you can taste delicious bagels. Russ & Daughters is also one of the best shops where you can taste bagels which is very famous in the city. This place is perfect for breakfast or brunch. If you missed to eat breakfast and it is almost lunch time, just proceed to Osteria Morini. Here, they literally offer a perfect brunch meal. And even if you are not a Chinese yet you want to eat Chinese food, go to Xi’an Famous Foods.

This restaurant offers a Western Chinese Cuisine that every customer will surely enjoy. Noodles is known to be the best offer here. If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant, Totto Ramen is waiting for you. The noodles vary in flavor. It can be spicy and sure thing is that it is rich in flavor. Other destinations for a delicious and unforgettable food tour includes The Cannibal, Wildair, Cosme, The Commodore, and Wythe Hotel.