New York’s Best Steakhouses

Delicious steak like pork steak and beef steak are available in New York’s best steakhouses. There are both traditional as well as modern style of restaurants in the city that offers either traditional dishes or modern dishes as a part of the menu. Peter Luger and Keens belong to a classic steakhouse and customers are satisfied with the dishes being served. If you are looking for quality cuts of steaks, visit Christos Steakhouse. The Filet Mignon is one of the best offers in this steakhouse.

Another steakhouse known to be among the best is St. Anselm. Here, there are many great offers such as creamed spinach and thick-cut bacon. The food here will make you crave for more. Even Gallaghers Steakhouse is very famous. Customers of this steakhouse will continually ask for the different options of hickory-grilled meat. There is a standard porterhouse, kingly prime rib, and chopped steak. All throughout New York, you can surely see many steakhouses that offers their own specialty. The Strip House too have its own signature dish.

Have you ever tasted a mound of potatoes cooked in duck fat? If you order it, you have options. It can be ordered with either rib eye or Baked Alaska. Other steakhouses known to be the best steakhouses in New York City includes Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Costata, Minetta Tavern, M. Wells Steakhouse, Peter Luger, and Keens Steakhouse. Anyone who likes to eat steak while having a tour in the city don’t have to worry because there are many choices.